Please place Easter orders by around 10pm Friday 4/10 to allow preparation time. Pick up will be from 3-8pm Saturday. We will be closed Sunday 4/12 for Easter.


Open 2pm - 7pm Everyday (except Monday). All orders are for same-day or next business day delivery or pickup. Deliveries are delivered from 4pm - 7:30pm. Please add any additional information (exact time, food prep., etc.) in the NOTES section on the CART page before checkout.

 Please contact us at (949) 497 0027 or with any questions, comments, or concerns.



Attention to our Loyal Customers and Visitors

As we see more and more empty shelves and scarcity, 
we are here to be a resource to all.

If you need any food items, cleaning supplies, household necessities, etc., we are ordering from our vendors and running a co-op. In these times, we must pull together and we are here to help make sure mouths are fed, bottoms are clean, and panic is minimized. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 949.497.0027 or

Chef Lindsay and Luis Rosales
& The Nirvana Grille family 

A Word from Chef Lindsay Smith

 It has been a big day today in gathering all our contacts, creating a new webpage to separate product for the exciting launch of our Nirvana Co-Op. I am so pleased that we have the support of so many and that we can be a positive impact to those when there is a need so that widespread panic does not continue to persist. We all need to support and not self preserve.  The best way that we all will be able to get through this time is to stand and work together to create support as a community. We are here to assist where and when we can in this process. I do not wish to see anyone feel the strain of not being able to feed their families, or clean themselves for that matter!

We are having some challenges with the quantity to order to not have too much and be able to sustain all the cost, so please share with us if we missed something you need, order what you cannot find or need for yourselves, friends and family and we will continue doing this until the need no longer exists. We have gathered a list of many items many of you have expressed you are looking for that are in sparse supplies and will be here as a resource to provide to you convenience while keeping our doors open to support our community, staff and our own family.

We can accept orders until 12am TONIGHT ONLY from this list. I am available by phone as well this evening until 12am if you have questions at 949.637.4708.

In the future, please put orders in no later than 12pm the day prior so that we may order and process in the appropriate amount of time. 

The following link will give access to all our current options listed here on Shopify.


Please order what you would like from the online store linked here below. This link can be shared with anyone that you know can use it. If there is something you need that is not on the list, we likely can get it next day if you let us know by 4pm same day but we ask for 24 hours to keep organized and have time to meet the demand of all. There is a shortage in Toilet Paper until Thursday. If you need a very small quantity for use now, please contact us directly to help, otherwise if you would like to  We will be putting orders in daily, so keep checking back and let us know what you need. Orders will be coming in tomorrow afternoon. Pick up will be available from 2pm-5pm for pick up or we can deliver the order for $15 between 2pm-8pm


Order from our Nirvana A la Carte is a way to get food from 2 to 12 people, choose items by mixing & matching your perfect menu to meet your needs and palate.


If you would like to order food to-go, Nirvana A la Carte or our Co-Op items, we can package it up and meet you outside to minimize exposure to the public and hands involved. We ask for a bit of patience if this option becomes in high demand but we will do our best to fulfill at all times.


If you are wondering  if there is anything you can do to help or have the means to do so with your local small businesses, please consider the following suggestions to keep us all afloat and allow our employees that live paycheck to paycheck, consider a few of the following suggestions-  

1.) Buy Gift Cards Directly from the restaurant to not have any sharing to 3rd party vendors. We all sell them and can easily ship them as gifts or for you to have until you choose to dine when it is safe again. This will allow the influx of income to our business to be minimized in order to  sustain our expenses and keep staff working cleaning and organizing to get the hours they need to support their families.

2.) Order food for local women's, children's and homeless shelters to lesson the risk of exposure. We have protocol in place and the influx the shelters are having will dramatically affect the livelihood of these shelters as more and more of the public are not venturing out. We have heard from a few that are not getting the support of volunteers and they need assistance in meals for their homes and shelters.

3.) Bring meals to families that are less fortunate or for children that you know get meals through the school system. We are doing what we can to extend help there but if you have the ability, this as well will allow us to keep the staff working and food from going bad while we are in mandated partial operation mode. 

If you are looking for meal kits, please feel free as well to reach my sister Summer at, 949.637.4709 or visit 

She has a wonderful fresh limited selection of meal kits that you can cook at home and order to mix in with other things that you are doing.

May you all stay well, share with one another, take time to be with your loved ones, and get things done that you never seems to have the time to accomplish! I look forward to feeding you again soon.

Chef Lindsay, Luis, Diego, Mateo & The Nirvana Grille Family